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About Me

About Me

May 24, 2019

Nicholas Picerno brings a unique set of experiences, background, and values to your case.   As a veteran law enforcement executive with nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience, Mr. Picerno is no stranger to serving the community in trying times.  


Mr. Picerno has been a police officer with a major suburban police department for 17 years.  Prior to working with this agency, he worked as a Police Officer and Corrections Officer in New Hampshire.  He has served in a variety of roles.  Mr. Picerno spent nearly 5 years as a Detective in the Homicide and Sex Crimes section, investigating cases which had national and international noteworthiness.  After promotion to Sergeant, Mr. Picerno would become the supervisor of the Collision Reconstruction Unit, which consists of a team of Detectives who use math, science, and investigative skills to reconstruct serious, often fatal traffic collisions.  He then returned to the Homicide Section as a supervisor, overseeing a team of Detectives that investigated high profile, serious criminal cases. 

Upon promotion to Lieutenant, Mr. Picerno became the Director of the departments Legal and Labor Relations Division.  In that position, Mr. Picerno oversaw the departments relationships with two collective bargaining units.  Mr. Picerno helped the department navigate a suite of labor issues, assisted the agency navigate employment matters, and helped the department coordinate collective bargaining efforts.  

In addition to his full time assignment, Mr. Picerno also serves as the coordinator of the departments Crisis Negotiator Team.  Often referred to as “Hostage Negotiators”, these officers use their training to deescalate tense situations with people who are in crisis.  Mr. Picerno oversees this team in their efforts during incidents, and also serves to coordinate their behind the scenes functions such as training and new member selection. 


1998 Pennsylvania State University (B.S) Administration of Justice

2011 Hood College (M.A.) Human Science

2016 University of Baltimore (J.D.) cum laude Law

Bar Admissions

2016 Maryland